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    Welcome to the DreamTeam website of the Adolescent Rheumatology Team at Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, England.

    We went online on with version 1 of this web site on the 3/Dec/2005, courtesy of the BUPA foundation 2005 Clinical Excellence award

    The DREAMTeam concept was first "thought up" by Dr Roey Malleson and the adolescent team in Vancouver who proposed that a DREAM team (Dedicated, Resourceful, Expert, Adolescent Multidisciplinary Team) was integral to the provision of high quality effective adolescent health.

    We here in Birmingham, UK wholeheartedly agreed with the Vancouver team and with their kind permission, we adapted the DREAMTeam concept to adolescent rheumatology! Hopefully, the concept will be infectious so that one day (soon), there will be a pandemic of DREAM teams across the globe!!

    During the course of our day-to-day work, we also realised that there was a need to provide a signposting resource for appropriate information frequently requested and/or sought by young people with chronic illnesses, their parents as well as health professionals. This website seeks to be such a resource. We hope you will find it useful, contribute to it yourselves AND give us feedback so we can continually improve and develop the site so it will remain useful and informative for young people, parents and professionals alike.

    The DreamTeam (Birmingham!)

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    The DREAM Team
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    Birmingham Children's Hospital
    Steelhouse Lane
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    Telephone: 0121 333 8209
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